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Thread: Sound unit,speaker crackle
31/08/2017 13:23:12

Many thanks to all replies! I have read through and taken on board all of the invaluable advice. I have ordered a suitable speaker and I am now going to experiment! 😀👍

31/08/2017 09:59:00

Sorry please copy and paste the link! 😳😳😳

31/08/2017 09:57:33

Many thanks for the replies. Would this be a more suitable speaker?

Edited By Chris Hoverd on 31/08/2017 09:58:15

30/08/2017 23:07:03

Evening all, I have an issue regarding a sound unit I am installing. Im very new to sound units, and producing good quality sound in general so all advice would be welcomed!

I have recently purchased an action electronics p110 noisy thing. I am very pleased with the unit and by no means am I pointing the finger at the unit being at fault. However, I just cant stop the attached speaker from crackling when I turn the volume up!

I have coupled the unit up to a 4" Visaton 8ohm speaker, the label on the box says 10w 15w and 130-20.000hz. I thought this would be a suitable speaker as the P110 has an inbuilt 20w amplifier.

Im very confused!

Thanks in advance, Chris

Thread: Artesania Latina Amsterdam tug plans
06/07/2017 20:41:58

Hi all, I hope someone can help me obtain a copy of the full plans for the early (wooden) Amsterdam tug boat kit. I have bought a part finished model with no plans or fittings. But would really love to see this great vintage model on the water. I have contacted the manufacturer, but unfortunately they are unable to help. Chris

Thread: Hot hot hot
22/06/2017 16:29:08

Thanks for the links Dave, and thanks to all of you for your invaluable advice! 👍😀

22/06/2017 10:43:58

Excellent advice there Ashley thanks! Guys, the motors in this Drumbeat have been installed using a cradle and elastic band method🙄

I'm looking to replace this with an aluminium mount, but I need to know what thread is in the motor casing, and if so body could provide a link to some suitable bolts (preferably hex head) 👍

22/06/2017 10:29:12

Ok Dave, thanks for your input, i do like the sound of the 540LN's. So you are saying I could keep my current setup (4blade 38mm props)? Chris

22/06/2017 07:46:32

Thanks Chas, I shall put your advice to good use!

21/06/2017 17:57:16

Thanks guys for your input. I'm glad I posted! So regarding the grease issue, what (if anything) should be used for lubrication? I thought that greasing the tube helped to stop water ingress via the shaft?

21/06/2017 12:12:29

Malcolm, thanks for your advice, that makes perfect sense to me. I will follow your advise and get some new props to try👍

21/06/2017 06:40:44

Hi both, thanks for your replies. The props are 38mm four blade, I'm not sure if the pitch is course or not😬. Everything is free running, in fact I have just replaced the prop shaft bushes and re greased the tubes.

20/06/2017 21:47:28

Hi all, I'm not talking about the fantastic weather we have been experiencing, it's more a problem with my motors and speed controller set up I have recently installed in a Drumbeat of Devon.

I have installed twin graupner speed 600 motors, with two mtroniks 15amp speed controllers each supplied by their own 8.4 5000mah NIMH battery packs. The throttle command is through 1 channel via a Y lead, and as specified, I have removed one of the leads that would supply power to the receiver so that only one speed controller is powering the receiver via the BEC. I cannot understand why the motors and speed controllers are getting extremely hot, even to the point of melting the vac formed motor mounts installed in the hull. I would appreciate any advice given, thanks!

Thread: Mamod marine engine
09/11/2016 20:46:05

Thanks both for your informative responses,

Ian, I do like the look of the USE engines, but I would fined the machining side daunting, and difficult without access to a lathe.

Ray, the particular Mamod engine I was looking at is their latest incarnation or the marine engine they used to build years ago. It is self starting. Take a look at these links

I would plan to use a gas fired boiler, with a low water warning system. Also as a member of a model boat club, I have access to a member who can pressure test and issue a boiler certificate

07/11/2016 15:01:53

afternoon all. I am an experienced model boater and have recently began to take interest in steam models. I have been looking at steam engine, boilers and all the bits and bobs that go with them, but have found out it's rather an expensive game. I have however looked at mamods range of marine engines and boilers, and found that for a beginner, seem reasonably well made and in my price range. I'm looking at installing into a steam trawler, coaster (such as north light) or Tug (empire for example)

Does anyone have experience with the twin oscillating unit mamod produce.? And would it provide suitable power?

All advice would be gratefully received


Thread: Waterproof servos
16/12/2015 09:42:22

Thanks John, I will check those out

04/12/2015 08:26:10

Thanks Paul! I think 1m depth would be adequate for me, but I just don't think I could 100% trust it to be waterproof! I think the only way to be sure is to incorporate the servos into the wtc 🙂

03/12/2015 14:15:42

That's an excellent link there! Thanks 😃

03/12/2015 09:53:05

Good morning everyone. I'm looking to convert revells 1/72 scale type viic sub into static dive. I'm currently planning the water tight compartment, and due to size limitations and complexity of connecting push rods and linkages to get the rudders and dive planes working, I was looking to install some water proof servos OUTSIDE the wtc. How reliable are these water proof servos? Are they designed to be immersed in water? Or are they just splash proof? Any knowledge gained through experience would be appreciated!

Thread: Receiver Controlled switch
25/06/2015 12:44:51

Excellent advice both! Thanks again 😀

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