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Thread: Todays Boating
18/06/2021 19:52:37

Thought if landing on Floats were Sea planes or on hulls were Flying boats and smooth water not good for take offs which goes with breaking surface contact mention

Thread: My Time Media
16/06/2021 22:58:23

Considering its the first offer since February's £43 pack of sandpaper to only a £15 bottle of whisky which you

probably won't get I got palmed of with a Lamp last time another nail in the coffin

Thread: Todays Boating
08/06/2021 16:37:43

If they did flap maybe it might take offidea

04/06/2021 10:55:15

depends which one you choose Red

Thread: GPS autopilot question
22/05/2021 09:44:52

Hi take it you have already trawled (no pun intended) through this lot

Or there are some queries here

Thread: Todays Boating
15/05/2021 19:39:37


She is probably the lady who suggested that as the covid rolled on they were spending more time in the bedroom and should get some toys.He couldn't understand why after getting several she refused to use them he thinks the train set is brilliant

Thread: May 2021 Model Boats Mag
25/04/2021 10:04:46

Thought discussing Model Boats had its own section?

Thread: Todays Boating
04/04/2021 11:00:15

Well the Club mob are out in force this morning all the marker buoys are out.

Thread: Model Boats April 2021
19/03/2021 22:11:28

Probably for the best

19/03/2021 19:51:14

Sorry C V but Capitals is shouting . Colin there is no intended malice in my remarks if it appears like that to you so be it . To me the Magazine is just a product and These people or this person should you choose to ignore are their Customers. I may be one of the few on this forum that speaks against but that's me Don't forget I have said I like it

19/03/2021 16:35:02

Well I would say if you do not like criticism do not read it, notice I was not shouting. I do like the magazine but do not see why I cannot express an opinion on points I don't without footstamping If you don' like it don't buy it snipes


Edited By Empire Parkstone on 19/03/2021 16:35:39

18/03/2021 19:45:26


True I may have contributed little to this forum never knew it was a requirement. I have no problem with your observations .However you must accept peoples right to criticise the Magazine and by all means choose to disagree but avoid getting close to being Personal

Edited By Empire Parkstone on 18/03/2021 19:46:34

17/03/2021 23:27:00

No Colin why should I contribute I pay in advance and I don't think it is as good as it should be.

17/03/2021 19:18:49

Mine arrived today not impressed again too much padding not interested in all the look what I made letters. There's Forums for that it'll have ''Like'' tick boxes next

Thread: Model Boats March 2021
15/02/2021 19:07:34

Funny thing is with last months copy it said next issue is your last, renew subscription.I was aware of that and already had the letter. When I did renew by phone a bit later all ok. Then last this copy came with this is your last copy put that down to error then got a letter telling me the same. As I had already checked they had grabbed the payment so to make sure they had not got it wrong gave them a ring all sorted..Where is the call centre Colin Sounded like Mumbai both times

Edited By Empire Parkstone on 15/02/2021 19:08:40

Edited By Empire Parkstone on 15/02/2021 19:09:08

Thread: Flags
10/02/2021 15:48:04

Tim pinking shears should not fray if the missus has not got a pair tell her that could be grounds for a divorce

09/02/2021 22:32:01

smiley Sorry timg couldn't resist that might have been better in. All things floating section. I would use pinking scissors

made for cutting fabric so it so the edges should not fray

Thread: Model Boats March 2021
08/02/2021 18:58:56

My real one arrived this morning

Thread: Flags
08/02/2021 18:55:53

Do these flags raise and lower by R/Csmiley

Edited By Empire Parkstone on 08/02/2021 18:56:19

Thread: Model Boats February 2021
07/01/2021 15:50:50

got it today

Edited By Empire Parkstone on 07/01/2021 15:52:58

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