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Thread: Todays Boating
11/12/2019 21:01:16

Templates cut out .jpgThis yacht thing is getting obsessive. The JIF is finished and being trimmed for racing, the DF65 is the same and now i am starting a sparrow. The sparrow will give me the full set needed for racing on a Wednesday with Rofwacs at Batley.

I have never made a plank on frame so i am looking forward to the build.

cut paper templates.jpg

My poor old steam engines are really on the back burner, but there for better weather, the sailing can be done in all weathers - provided there is a bit of wind wink.


01/12/2019 20:03:35

Richard, that looks good. I have never done a plank on frame as it always looks too time consuming, however---The next yacht will be a 30" Sparrow which is just that construction.

When i have made a start i will post pictures.


Thread: Model yacht stand
01/12/2019 04:18:04

This is my boat stand for my yachts when at the lake side. It swivels to keep the yacht safe in the wind.

BrianYacht stand.jpg

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
29/11/2019 20:21:21

Well Gents i have to say your all cracking on with the builds and they all look great. I bet you were well chuffed with the water trials Eddie.

I always find it interesting to see how people differ in their builds. Eddies on the water with details still to be added, Ray is detailing the superstructure and has had a Bath trial!

I think mine is still in plank form and everyone else is amazed at the build speed of the two leading figures.

As for myself i like to have everything finished before i take it out to play.

Very diverse modelling model boats is.

Bri (Friday beer creeping in) wink

Thread: Todays Boating
27/11/2019 21:13:16

Your probably right Ray.
But being honest I just enjoy the relaxation and change of routine. The challenges that come with it are different so there is lots to learn. 🤔

The position of the lake is pretty poor and suffers from variable wind direction to no wind at all. So if I get to learn there I should be ok when I go to a different place where wind is constant.


27/11/2019 19:51:44

I got to the lake early as the Jif was out for the first time. You know how it is -better check it before everyone arrives.
now I am no expert but in light winds it was pretty nippy so captain Bri was happy.

turn up the experts. Yes nice boat Bri but let’s set it up for you you need to tweak this bend that re adjust the other💥 it sailed worse after they had finished 💨🙄. Now I am not competitive but they are and I just wonder if they have done me a favour or had me up the lagoon🤔

I was retry chuffed though as it did not sink😂


26/11/2019 20:57:58

A member of the rofwacs club made them for me.

finished her off tonight and tomorrow she goes on the water.

Most club members tape flat hatches on so I am going with that.

I will let you all know how I get on 🍺🤔

25/11/2019 20:39:11

Jif ready for the water. 🤔


Thread: Prop shaft
21/11/2019 20:49:35


I use water proof grease (food Lube) its excellent. I you want a small pot sending PM me and i will get your some sorted.

I generally fill a small syringe with the stuff and then fill the prop shaft tube before putting the shaft in.

Lasts for ages as it does not emulsify and wash out.


Thread: Todays Boating
19/11/2019 20:01:51

Tomorrow i will be going to Wilton park to sail for the first time in three weeks. Looking forwards to enjoying a couple of hours at the lake, now all the algae has gone.

Still not finished the JIF, i made the rudder and added the shaft to it, i used some 2mm SLEC control wire which i thought was 2mm but ended up being 1.7mm so it was a bit sloppy in the stern tube, doh!!!

I have made another one tonight but its will not be ready for tomorrow. They must roll a 2mm thread onto the shaft which brings the o/d up to 2mm.

I have used some Synthetic paint from Aldi which is a great primer builder. Cheap too.




Thread: superplan pilot40
17/11/2019 19:33:24

Oh not plastic. 🤗.
A chap brought along a 3D printed footy to Wednesday sail. I was quite impressed as it was one of the best printing jobs I have seen. Amateur or professional. I think it took 9 hours to make each half. Which is not bad.

At a trade show I did there were some printers there. They all had a handful of spaghetti and no work being done which at the time was quite funny as they were trying to sell them 😂😂😂.


16/11/2019 15:17:30

Thank you for clarifying that. I will build the Cossack first but always on the look out for nice boats to build.

These are very similar to the boats that were stationed at Point Lynas in the 70’s when i was in my teens. They used to growl when they set off to a ship from the station and the sound was magic.  



Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 16/11/2019 15:19:59

16/11/2019 13:06:23

Red. Does that mean the instructions ran over a series or the plan was in parts or both?


Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 16/11/2019 13:08:35

Thread: Todays Boating
04/11/2019 19:46:45

I had one of those annoying moments during my JIF build. Bearing in mind i do not make a lot of boats and usually play with metal, i forgot how important it is to select good wood. I built the frame up and started putting the sheeting on one evening. In the morning this had happened. Luckily is was still on the building board so with a bit of careful cutting with the razor saw and knife i managed to remove the whole length and replace it.

Broken stringer.jpg

02/11/2019 16:28:16

Hi Ashley. I will definitely finish it. I miss out on a race because I do not have one.

But I know what you mean 🤗


02/11/2019 10:21:42

Cracking on with the JIF build and soon be on the water. Df65 that I bought goes well however I am still at the back of the flotilla. Its only early days yet though.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
27/10/2019 18:30:08

Hello. Just caught up with all the posts. I am still on the JIF build so Cossack is still in the pipeline 🥴 The models look to be coming along nicely. I cant believe the pace you chaps build at.
I have cleared a lot of stuff out of my workshop to make room for the boats which is a waste of time as I still do not seem to have any room!


30/09/2019 20:56:36

Wow your all cracking on with the builds. For my sins i have put together a DF65 and got to putting the sides on my JIF.

Got to do a show this week at the NEC for work so building goes on a hold again sad


15/09/2019 17:05:38

Guys. My start is a bit delayed. For the last two Wednesday afternoons I have been going to Batley -Wilton park and enjoying having a go at rc sailing. I enjoyed it so much I have nearly finished a JIF 65 so that I can join in the fun rather than borrowing a spare boat - which I am always nervous about borrowing.

I have also ordered a DF65 yacht which seem to be pretty well known about. I will make a start when I have the JIF on the water. 😀


07/09/2019 20:26:06

That's looking very nice Eddie. Headcorn. I have spent a lot of time working there. Its a lovely little town. Tenterden is a nice place too. spent a lot of nights in the pubs.


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