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Thread: Spektrum radio
21/06/2020 13:31:13

Ok. The info is helpful thank you.

Lookin at the Ariel some are snapped others have lost pins. So this lead me to look at new versions. These have fixed moulded in ariels which have over come that problem by the look of it.

I would like to have it so the receivers are selectable with fixed parameters so I can select models - three yachts and a garden gauge loco / or two So if this is not possible then it’s no good for me

Ray yes I have had it in steam after making required changes to piping and valves also fitted steam operated drain valves to the cylinders

Lock down has been so helpful with spare time in finishing things off 🤗

Even managed to get my traction engine ready for the wheels fitting


21/06/2020 08:21:43

Spectrum dx6i

I am looking for a rc system and there are a lot of the above on ebay second hand.

Has anyone experience of these units?

Are they any good?

All help appreciated.


Thread: Todays Boating
22/02/2020 18:10:41

Too wild in North Wales today for any kind of boating. But at least the light is getting better and you feel more like doing things.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
01/02/2020 08:51:05

Well after you kindly sent me the drawings for Cossack to make i caught the sailing bug. I now have three yachts which is one short of the classes that they sail at Batley (rofwacs). So that is likely my next build. I have to say though i must not have a much spare time as you chaps. My builds take for ever.

If you were to propose some simple smaller boat i may be able to have a bash with you. A chine boat like a police launch?



Thread: New Year Quiz
25/01/2020 21:32:20

OMG. I cant keep up with your builds.
it looks very nice.

Let’s have a video when it’s on the water please


Thread: Plank on frame - Sparrow
17/01/2020 20:19:03

planking coming on.jpgThe planking is coming along but it's a slow process.

stern planking.jpg

bow planking.jpg

I bet you could do a complete boat in a day if the glue set quicker wink

Having time to play as well would help cheeky hug 2


04/01/2020 22:26:55

I tried the syringe method tonight. I only have a 5ml one but it works great. Thank you for for suggestion.


04/01/2020 03:38:33

Hi Ray.

That’s a good idea. The action of a syringe will be easier to work.
I have cut all my planks, so for this model I will use them but thank you for the suggestion.


03/01/2020 20:48:13

This evening i had another bash at splitting the sheets into planks. This time i clamped the splitter to the bench so i could use both hands to steady the sheet of balsa as i pushed it through the blade. Hey presto, I ran a full sheet off.

I did select the sheets carefully this time so the grain matches.

I temporarily pinned a strip in place to see how it bent and what it looked like. After a bit of thinking about it and how it looked i glued it in place and pinned all the joints. My grip is not good - on a good day i can crush a grape! Trying to squeeze the Gorrila glue was impossible. Has anyone a good idea for dispensing glue easily?

I managed but it took me both hands (glue is new not old). So one plank on and glued. Tomorrow i will do the opposite side and then start to work my way up- evenly.

I have put pictures in my files if your interested.

first plank fully glued and pinned.jpg



Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 03/01/2020 20:49:30

Thread: Todays Boating
01/01/2020 20:58:48

Walked on the beach and chilled out with about 2000 other people after watching all the brave go in the sea for the lifeboat.

Happy new year.


Thread: Merry Christmas!
24/12/2019 21:57:46

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope santa brings you merriment and some toys to play with. ⛵️🤗🎄🎄


Thread: Plank on frame - Sparrow
24/12/2019 10:58:01

So. Last night I had a quick bash at stripping the balsa sheet into planks. 3mm x 2mm.
I retired after about 4 attempts putting it down to not being in the mood. I was trying it all in the hands.
I will probably be better mounting the stripper in the vice and holding the sheet with two hands to do it. Watch this space. 🤔


20/12/2019 15:01:49

Thank you to admin for correcting the title.


20/12/2019 14:57:50

Right so all sound advice so far. I did wonder about the plank thickness. I think I will increase to 2mm and see how it goes. The instruction says plank from the deck up

Varmint was a fellow club members design.

Only contradiction is the comment about weight in a boat. All the chaps bang on about getting the hulls to be a light as possible with out compromising the strength. I am only a beginner but I would have thought the lighter the better, which I can contradict as they have to sit correctly in the water which is all about weight ?

I also thought that the wettted surface was best kept to a minimum? Large ships have the bulb on the lower bow each designed to keep the flow of water down the ship uniform and as low as possible to reduce drag?

Works do today so no playing in the workshop.


19/12/2019 21:46:56

PANK ON FRAME -/ really ??? 🤔

19/12/2019 20:39:43

My simple stripper, 38 odd years old and getting a new lease of life. we did not have a milling machine so it was all free hand cut on a drill press YIKES.



Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 19/12/2019 20:40:33

19/12/2019 20:37:06

Intro 3

When this has been done, the back bone is clamped to the building board and a 5mm thick packing piece put under the back bone at the centre point. The other end of the back bone is then clamped down to the building board. This puts a negative curve in the deck, aesthetic appearance, special requirement, key design? Who knows but its in the manual so i have it in my build. The chaps at the lake have not done this, but their boats sail ok so i can not see it making any difference?

I have put pictures in my Sparrow picture folder rather than put them all here, i will probably add one or two as i progress.

I forgot to mention, i have never made a plank on hull boat before. Always sticking to chine hulls with ply skinning.

That's the introduction, now to go to the model shop and get some 1/16" balsa sheet to cut up into strips. In my youth i made

19/12/2019 20:36:52

Intro 2

The category is filled by many different models and some of them are very experimental - the skippers who take it seriously have some very sleek vessels with innovative design and parts. I sometimes look at them and wonder who will turn up with a torpedo with a fin and sail to match the speed of the Whitehead device one day?.

A couple of chaps have a sparrow and I like the look of them with their large sail area. I have a 5 minute handicap which suits my sailing skills (always at the back)! The Sparrows soon catch up and pass me like they are J class vessels passing a sailing dinghy. I have to practice more.

Searching the internet a couple of years ago i turned up the plan and saved it for future plans in modelling. My steam engines do not get to run as much as i would like and all the hassle that goes with them teased me into looking for a more suitable and equally entertaining hobby. So i looked around a found the ROFWACS on a Wednesday and that got me interested.

I believe that if someone puts the effort into designing, testing and finally getting the result they wanted then they should have some reward. Fortunately the chap who designed the Sparrow wrote a hand book to go with it and at a few quid is well worth it. For me anyway as i dont have much vision with looking at plans and interpreting them, the detail sometimes eludes me. So the hand book for me is well written and has daily work listed and is easy to follow. Its also loaded with pictures. Nice BIG pictures.

I don't think i will deviate from the original build unless i cannot find a product in the boat in the UK.

So, i have made a start, i marked out my building board with a different coloured fine point marker to the colour i had used on the JIF build. First mistake. The boat is made- assembled on a back bone made from 5mm x 25mm balsa. All the bulkheads are glued to this and then some of the detail parts added in between them.a balsa stripper which is very basic, but it functions well with a good blade in it.

19/12/2019 20:36:26

Sparrow, 750.

At our Wednesday club - ROFWACS, we race four types of boats or should i say there are four categories which we hope the wind will show up and push our boats along in it.

One of the categories is for a boat up 31" long and to any design you may choose and sail plan to match.

I have a couple of boats for sailing and of course the Panache - which is very much still on my best building board, Note to self (get on with it).

back bone bowed and clamped down.jpg


Thread: Todays Boating
15/12/2019 21:31:45

Ha. I only forgot my transmitter. Most annoying.


i did a little more part cutting today  I  will start a thread when I have enough info 


Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 15/12/2019 21:32:48

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