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Thread: Cruise Ships - Dawlish Devon
18/09/2020 22:16:31

I wonder how many ships are at anchor in the world due to COVID.

nice place to take a break Ray


Thread: louis heloise
07/09/2020 20:56:36

I love these classics.

Big and chunky. I bet you need a hand to launch them.


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
05/09/2020 21:00:00

I am with you on that one Ray. Sailing is a challenge. Three hour session gone in a flash.


05/09/2020 03:40:55

Hi Ray

Thats looking very good. A miniature of the real thing 👍.


Thread: todays boating
29/08/2020 20:56:36

I called in at Pikes in Porthmadog. No mag there 🤔


27/08/2020 21:28:48

Sounds like a good time had by all

The weather stayed Dry for our session. 16 races in total. One race missed due to battery low voltage. Trust me to be at the front when it happened.


Thread: Plank on frame - Sparrow
25/08/2020 19:56:44

Cheers Ray,

I think i might upset the balance if i make it shorter?


25/08/2020 19:18:10

Well you can always tell when the weather is rubbish and the days are getting shorter as we all start to look to our indoor pursuits and I am no exception to that.

For now i have put my locomotive and traction engine to one side. No one at the club is testing boilers and if we were no one is running steam.

So back to the Sparrow. I am by nature not a repetitive manufacturer and when i got half way up the sides of the boat with the planking i got bored and put the boat half way up to the roof on a shelf to gather dust. So now in the last few days i have taken it back in hand and pushed on with the planking. God you have to be a patient geezer to get it perfect, which is why my planking looks like it was shot at the boat from a few meters away. I am sure a bit of 120 grit will make it smooth, but to you fellows who make the joints 100% i take my hat off to you. I also have a Ray Wood secret weapon up my sleeve in the form of water based resin and glass cloth, plus some filler.

closing the keel.jpg

So by this time tomorrow i will have closed the keel and will be already for that 120g paper.

Now, at this junction anyone who has one of these will spot the mistake.

closing the stern.jpg

That's right, i have made the stern a bit shorter than it should be. The deck finishes where the planks end and the planks should go further back to allow a sloping section of the hull to be made.

Like this shown in this picture taken from the building manual:

stern photo lift.jpg

I might see what it looks like when i take it off the building board, modern boats are all square at the back end - please do not quote me i could be wrong, again!

At the worst i can shape a balsa wood block laugh- so now you can all say, measure twice cut once yes old man.

Any way progress and taking shape.


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
25/08/2020 17:12:21

It’s looking very good Ray. I can see how the keel will work now. Ingenious work.


Thread: todays boating
23/08/2020 16:01:55

No weed problems for us at Winscar Ashley, just horizontal rain.

The weather was a bit wild and wet, I must buy some waterproof over trousers. At one stage the water was running off my coat and into my wellies.

We managed a couple of hours and for once i came FIRST. yes

The new C rig needs a bit of tuning but otherwise a great morning.


22/08/2020 21:38:09

Fitted a C rig to one of my Dragons today in preparation for tomorrow’s session at Winscar.

Looked into the Footy. Lots of free plans on line. Look out winter yet another boat to build.

Happy Boating


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
20/08/2020 21:43:53

Ray you Devil. You have really pushed the boat out on that window bottom.



Thread: todays boating
20/08/2020 20:47:55

Made it to Winscar today for 12 races. Weather was perfect with sun and wind🤗

5/6 of us racing so not too crowded on the start line👍

All racing Dragons with varied rigs so we all sailed at different paces at different times in the races with different winners at the end.

A great afternoon was had by all present.

one chap had a footy which I have never seen before, Nice little boat with a good amount of sail made it lively on the water


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
19/08/2020 19:48:49

Hi Ray. That’s a good idea. Beats having all different ones. No steaming yet. The clubs a bit cautious and Wales has only been open to foreigners a few weeks. I have been to the cottage but not the club. I had windows and door in storage with lock down so took the opportunity to get them fitted. Any how that’s all done now so back to some modelling.
Swimbo going off with grandchildren next week so I may make some progress.

We had new PC’ s at work and the plotter has only just been re connected. I can have a go at enlarging the wild duck now.



19/08/2020 19:00:24

Hi Ray. Coming along nicely.

Are you going to use a bulb or sheet lead to get the weight in the keel?


Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 19/08/2020 19:00:45

Thread: todays boating
18/08/2020 20:50:50

Whilst your all weeding up I am finding it hard to find spare time to go boating. Hopefully I will manage to get to Winscar on Thursday and do an hour or two.
A good friend has made me a set of ‘C’ sails for the Dragon. They look ridiculous on the boat but the other week we were sailing in blustery conditions and we all had ‘A’ set on except for him and on the run he thrashed us. The rest of us were playing submarines.

Glad to hear you got a result on the servo Paul.

Happy boating.


Thread: Plans
17/08/2020 03:36:44

Long build👍👍👍

Thread: Opening up.
17/08/2020 03:34:14

Ouch. That’s a bit close to the bone!


Thread: Best Servos
17/08/2020 03:30:28

Hi Paul

I am using mg995 servos for the sails on my JIF 65 with an arm Screwed to it. The drag on it will be quite large with the sails In strong winds. It seems to cope well enough. I buy them cheap on eBay.

For the rudders I use mg90s again bought off eBay.

Both are cheap and cheerful

I set the transmitter up to 80% throw as someone advised that it would not burn them out. Not sure how that works but that’s how they are.

In 18 months of sailing they are still going ok.


Thread: todays boating
15/08/2020 17:00:13

As long as a politicians lips are moving he or she is lying.

Danny Devitoe classic interview comment.


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