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Thread: todays boating
14/10/2018 18:10:53

No boating here either. Or steaming. Glad I decided to decorate the main bedroom. Weather been just right for it. 😂

That should be finished tomorrow so back to the modelling later on it the week. The monsoon yacht I bought has yet to see water. As soon as it does I will post.

Happy modelling. Bri

Thread: Fairey - What a shame
13/09/2018 19:55:27


I agree Colin. One time I miss putting the full cover over the boat when in boat yard for one week, it cost a lot to repair after the boat fill with water in a storm 😪 😤 One reason we stopped having sports boats.

I have to agree though, whoever's it was had enough disposable cash not to bother and just let it go. Looking around the marinas in north Wales. There is always a boat that never moves, who owns it? Are the mooring fees paid? Deck ful of bird cra/.

Dave I had a look at your link, very nice but I still prefer my cottage in criccieth, I can go there every weekend and chill out, much better than sitting in a marina when it's cold and wet. Wandering around Porthmadog looking down on the poor dark side yachties, huddled around there stinky stoves trying to keep warm, naw been there got the t shirt and moved on. Not as much maintenance cost either  😀


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Thread: todays boating
12/09/2018 15:58:30

I had a meeting today with a prospective customer, he requested we meet at the Holiday inn at Ellesmere port. Its a great place, if i had, had a boat with me i would have dropped it in and had a sail around. All the years i have spent on the M56 going to Wales and never knew of the place.

I did look up local clubs to see if anyone sails there, but it would seem that the local clubs are struggling, like most.

If anyone from the area reads this, let me know when you sail?

If you do have a chance to call in i would recommend it.

I did not go in the museum, i thought i could do that on a Sunday on a return trip with the boss.


Thread: Monsoon model
10/09/2018 21:10:55

today I bought a monsoon yacht from a deceased modeller estate.

It looks to be all there. There is a 40mzh transmitter and receiver which I will swap out for my new gear.

I will put it together and then I might need some help with the bits I do not know about. If there are any owners of the same yacht can I get some help please.


Thread: Julieth 4
09/09/2018 19:28:46

Looking good. Yes Chris. I wish I could build as fast too 🤔

I can't wait to see some planking being done


Thread: New project
06/09/2018 21:27:15

Hi Chris, are you drawing it up on CAD or paper?


Thread: Simple start.
06/09/2018 21:17:10

I thought it was going too well. Like a dummy i missed shaping the keel plate at the bow enough to let the skins run to a nice sharp edge. I have glued them both in place and not noticed it. sad

I will have to sand it flat and put a hardwood strip in place and then sand that to a sharp point. cheeky I will probably do that before fitting the side sheets?

Live and learn embarrassed


06/09/2018 03:17:54

This evening i fitted the second half of the bottom skin. It took a bit of fiddling with the mating centreline joint and at the bow i will need a little filler, but all in all i was happy with the finish.

Probably get it sanded to shape tomorrow ready to take the sides. smiley

Thread: plank bender
05/09/2018 16:45:40

After looking into plank bending i decided that my wall paper stripper will produce enough steam and this board i had made at work will help.

12mm ali and 8mm dowel holes.

I will let you all know how it goes when i have time to try it out.

Brianbending board (2).jpg

Thread: Chine spray rails on Model Avionics Huntsman 31
04/09/2018 19:49:38

Hi Dave. Where was the video shot?


Thread: Simple start.
02/09/2018 07:21:37

Hi Ray, i used to stay at Colina House hotel when i was working in headcorn. On an evening i would walk down to the station there and have a look around. Its a charming old railway.


01/09/2018 19:38:23

My chest has been bad for a couple of weeks and the moist atmosphere in the workshop does not help, but today with it being a lovely day i decided to move out of the workshop and into the garden to play.

The ply i ordered had been with me for a couple of weeks so it was nice to have things to hand rather than having to go for it. I bought four sheets so that i have stock.

I firstly cut the sheet to fit around the keel, then clamped the sheet in place so that i could draw around it and then cut it out. I was very patient and used a craft knife and rule. I seem to remember cutting some before with the kitchen scissors. Age and practice, hem hem !

The .8mm ply bends to shape quite easily, so after a trial fitting i glued it in place with the Aliphatic glue. In the heat the glue soon started to go off and i was tempted after an hour to fit the other side, but my thoughts of the skin popping off because i was impatient got the better of me.

I had already bought some more clamps (12) but even they were not enough and i had to use some clothes pegs. I will get a few more clamps from flea bay, i don't suppose you can have too many.

I am on a train ride tomorrow on the Churnet valley line, so i may not get the other side on. I will have to see, and the fitted side may need a little sanding to accept the other side's fit.

marking the hull bottom sheet.jpg

marking the hull bottom sheet 2.jpg

trial fit.jpg

The sheet popped up a little around the keel base, so i tacked it in place with a pin.

fitting the sheet around keel.jpg

i need more clamps.jpg

I didn't use the scissors. Honest!


Thread: todays boating
01/09/2018 19:15:22

What a nice day today. Warm as well so after my chores were finished I headed off out into the garden to do a spot of building on my Panache.

No water in sight but if I can press on with the build I might just get it on the water before winter, hopefully.


Thread: web site for plans
30/08/2018 20:51:42

Not Sure if this has been spotted before:

Plenty of winter projects.


Thread: todays boating
28/08/2018 19:44:55

Ashley. Is the landing craft made to published plans?

I would like a bash at one of them


Thread: Prinz Eugen
25/08/2018 01:55:34

Hello Richard

I have sent you a message.


Thread: Vic Smeed Starlet
23/08/2018 18:21:04



Hi Dave. I would strongly advise you not to get your lead from an old battery. Too many risks for one in The dismantling and too many impurity in the metal

Try a roofers local to your area or a scrap yard.

Good luck on the building.


Ps we used to put a drop of oil in the moulds when pouring lead. 

Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 23/08/2018 18:22:08

Thread: Helen Craig 1891 - 1959
19/08/2018 21:31:28

Nice work. Do you use a magnifying glass to see such small detail?


Thread: Transferring from plans
18/08/2018 17:35:46

I like Bobs way of doing it. On Ply the small 'pricks' show up well, but on balsa its a bit harder to define.

I have also tried most other ways with varying results.


I asked our secretary to get me some carbon paper the other day. She did not know what it was which worried me a bit! Anyway moving along i like this method too. Last time i tried it, i clipped the paper to the wood with crocs, rather than Bobs weight method. I am a bit clumsy and would end up knocking them and then trying to align it again.

Today in Criccieth the weather was grey but dry, so i spent the day at Llandudno in the sun with the model engineers. Excellent day.

There is an excellent pool at West shore its a pity it does not get used more for model boats. Too much clag in the water i believe.




Edited By Brian Dickinson 1 on 18/08/2018 17:39:28

Thread: Starlet Yacht
18/08/2018 17:26:35

There is currently one for sale on ebay which needs renovation.

Might be worth looking at?


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