Get the most from your hobby - Join a club!
There is one piece of advice that people new to modelling are given and that is to join your local club. And it is very good advice too. Here you will meet people with similar interests who will give you advice and practical help and will usually have the answers to all those questions that you will inevitably have when constructing and sailing your model.
And if you are an established modeller moving house, then making contact with your local club will get your social life in your new area off to a great start!
Quite apart from making new friends, if your preference is for working models, a local club will provide you with a place to sail your pride and joy -  not always something which is easy to find these days.
On the Model Boats website we do not maintain our own list of clubs as contact details frequently change and would require constant updating, but you will find below the website details of the main model boating associations who do maintain club lists and who you can contact to find the most local club that meets your particular interests.
Of course, in some areas or if you live abroad, there may not be a club within reasonable travelling distance in which case the alternative is to join one of the many thriving specialist internet communities like this website and its forum. These "Internet Clubs" are also a rich source of information and advice and you will find that typical model boaters may belong to their local club for sailing but are also regular members of one or more Internet clubs which reflect their particular interests. Underneath the main model boating association section below you will therefore find a selection of the more prominent web based clubs (as well as this one!) that you can visit and join if you like what you see.
If you are still unable to find something which meets your needs then just post a question on our Forum and it's almost certain that somebody will come to the rescue!
Model Boating Associations.
Model Yachting Association (MYA)
The UK's National Body for Model Yachting
Model Power Boat Association (MPBA)
The UK National Body for Model Bower Boating including Speed Competition and Scale Model Boating.
Surface Warship Association
Promoting the hobby of scale model warships.
UK R/C Laser Association
The official organising body of the RC Laser Yacht Class in the UK.
BMPRS (British Model Powerboat Racing Society)
The Society exists to promote the hobby of offshore model powerboat racing although most events are held on inland waters. Website:
Offshore Model Racing Association (OMRA)
The Association organises internal combustion engined power boat racing events both on the open sea and on inland lakes.
Model Power Boat Racing - NAVIGA -SRV
European International Power Boat Racing (Multiracing)
Association of Model Barge Owners
Model Thames Barge Sailing Championships
For event details see:
Electra (Affiliated to the MPBA)
Fast Electric Model Power Boats
South West Association of Model Power Boat Clubs.
Scottish Federation of Model Boat Clubs
Vintage Model Yacht Group
Its aim is to encourage and provide a framework for the preservation and sailing of older boats and to foster the study of the history of model yachting as a sport. The definition of 'vintage' is flexible and embraces any model no longer used in serious competition. The group's fleet includes class racing yachts from the 1880s onwards, non class sailing models and commercial toys from the past. There are also some replica boats built recently to old designs and a small number of new designs recreating older styles
Internet Based Model Boating Clubs
Model Boats - this website.
Hosted by Model Boats Magazine, part of the MyHobbyStore group and covers all aspects of model boating - see   Homepage for details and also check out our Forum.
For those who are interested in models of paddle driven craft.
Model Boat Mayhem
Extensive site and forum covering most types of model boating but with a particular emphasis on radio controlled scale models and kits.