Frequently Asked Questions.

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Website FAQs

Q: The Website keeps asking me to log in again after logging me out.

A: This may be a timeout issue. Unless you tick the Remember me box when logging in, the Website will timeout after 20 minutes of no activity.

Q: The Website seems to be getting confused with my password, sometimes it will recognise it, sometimes not.

A: This could be to do with your computer setup and cookie settings so it is difficult to give specific advice. Another possibility is that you have opened two concurrent sessions of the Website on your PC in which case the internal ID tracking on the website will be confused and unpredictable effects may occur. Close both sessions and try starting afresh, a PC reboot might help too!

Q: I am having trouble uploading photos to my Album.

A: The usual reason for this is that the photo files are too large and the system times out during the upload process. Modern digital cameras tend to produce large files and Broadband upload speeds are only a fraction of download ones. Try resizing your photos to Desktop Resolution size (generally a bit under 200Kb) which is all that is needed to display properly. This can be easily done by using one of the free image resizing programs on the Web.

If you are using XP then go to Powertoys for XP and download the Image resizer:

If you are using Vista then VSO Image resizer does the same thing:

Both install themselves as add ins to the operating system and you can use them by right clicking on the image file you want to resize. The default is to make a copy of the existing file which is usually what you want and there are a number of different size options.
Q: I have resized my pictures as advised above but still experience intermittent problems in uploading my images.
A:This issue has been raised with Technical Support who have responded as follows:

Hi Colin,

There’s very little I can do to solve these problems, which I believe are caused by issues on the internet connection of the person using the site. This could a be a slow connection, intermittent loss of connection (might only be for half a second at a time, not long enough to notice during normal web browsing, but enough to drop a connection during a file upload) or some other problem between their computer and our server. In some cases their upload connection speed could be the problem, so I’ll increase the page timeout from 1 minutes to 3 to see if that helps users with slow connections.

You could ask users experiencing these problems to test out their connection speeds using something like and that will gauge how fast their connection really is. For example, most ADSL connections have a theoretical upload speed of 256Kbps (kilobits per second) which translates as 32KBps (kilobytes per second). So uploading a 1MB (1024KB) image file would take 32 seconds. So you can imagine if someone tries to upload just two 1MB files at a time then they’ll hit problems with the timeout being set to 1 minute. Dial up users upload speeds tend to be more like 7KB per second so it would take them over 2 minutes to upload a 1MB file.


The thing is, the image upload scripts are really just standard using HTML forms and so there’s nothing really (apart from the script timeout property) that I can change. So I’ll do that and we’ll see how we go.

Hope this is some help.


Q: I can't see my Albums when I click on the Albums heading on the Home Page.

A: You may not have ticked the Public box when creating the Album. To remedy this, click on My Photos to bring up your Albums, select the one you want and then click on Edit Album Info and check if the Public box has been ticked.

Q: My Avatar is rejected or only shows part of the photo I uploaded.

A: Avatar images work best when a large image is uploaded by the user. The system will resize the width to 400pixels (preserving the aspect ratio), save the resized version and then ask the user to create square thumbnail using their mouse. If people upload small images (less than 400px wide) then the images will be not fill the canvas and they will have problems cropping. So they should really upload a normal sized picture, and the system will do the resizing.

Forum FAQs

Q: How do I insert photos into a Forum post?

A: There are two ways of doing this. You can either add photos from an Album you have created on this website or from an external URL hosting service such as Photobucket.

To insert the image into your post, navigate the cursor to the place where you want to put it and click on the Insert Image icon at the top of the Posting Box. This will open a window from which you can select any of your album images or paste in an external URL link.

Q: When I post a series of photos my text and the photos run under the adverts on the right hand side of the page.
This is a quirk in the Forum sortware. When posting photos you need to leave a clear space between them rather than running them together. They should then display properly.
Q: I cannot see posts from a particular member but other people can apparently see them.

A: You may have clicked on the Ignore Member button by mistake in which case you will not see their postings. To check this, click on My Postings in the My Account box and you will see if any members have Ignored status and be given the opportunity to change this by clicking on the X icon.
Q: When I try to make a posting on the Forum or send a personal message the text is lost and does not appear.
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (or possibly IE8) as your web browser for using this site you may experience problems with text editing or loss of text input for postings and personal messages. This is due to inconsistencies between the text editor used on the site and the browser.
In most instances the solution is to set the Model Boats Website to 'Compatibility Mode' in IE9 which can be done by clicking on the compatibility icon which is situated to the right of the address bar at the top of the screen, (it's the box shaped icon with a jagged line across it).