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Anyone built the del prado Victory?

Help to enhance it, or copper plating

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ian may03/09/2007 18:05:00
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Hi All

completely new to this forum but I'm sure there will be someone out there who can offer some help. Several years ago I was swayed by the advert on TV to build del Prado's kit of HMS Victory, no special tools or skills were necessary they said. As it happens I've got more tools then I can wave a stick at and not too much of a slouch using my hands on fiddly projects but I have to say they were slightly economical with the truth. I've had this kit in all its weekly bits knocking around for over three years now, and I'm still only half way with it. Anyhow, I've now reached the stage where I'm putting on the second layer of planking and I have to say it's not brilliant but not too bad for a first attempt, anyway I was wondering if I should paint it partly because I like the finish and secondly it would cover up any blemishes. If I paint it I feel it would also benefit from getting a copper bottom (this does not come supplied), but where would I get the copper plates to fit (I think) 1:164, other than to simulate them by using wood. Or is there a much easier way by simply painting the whole hull? I know I've asked a lot but any other info anyone can offer on this kit to enhance the appearance I would be very grateful.


Joe O' Toole28/01/2008 21:00:00
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 Hi Ian,

Joe here in Ireland.

I hane finished the Victory. I painted my model and left the bottom part varnished. there is a product (glue) called Impact. Allow this to go off for a few minutes and the planks of mahagony will stick on contact.

If things have gone to far then fill the gaps between the finished strips with a mahagony wood filler. Sand down the lot lightly and finish with "deep mahagony"  varnish. The job will look a good one.

John Surr28/01/2008 22:18:00
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Hi Ian,

If you wish to paint it I would recommend you visit the following site

It is the official site for HMS Victory and has information for those wishing to build the Victory including colour schemes.

For the copper bottom you could try self adhesive copper tape cut to correct size and just stuck using its own glue. The effect is quite good if well done.

Another good site for HMS Victory is

Although based on the Airfix/Heller 1:100 scale plastic model they have tons of information regarding the modifications they have applied to the kit and also the paint scheme as at the time of Trafalgar.

They also run a forum that is free to join where many things relating to Victory are discussed.

Also the book by C.N.Longridge have info on the colour scheme along with many modelling tips.

Another useful book is the conway Anatomy of the ship book on Victory by Mackay.

Both these books have lots of useful information along with acurate plans to help get the details correct.

Good luck with the build and post some pictures for us to see.

John S

ian may01/02/2008 02:31:00
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Hi John

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Ive been away for several months. Anyhow, thank you for the information you supplied concerning the del prado kit (Victory). I've since painted it and just about finished putting copper plating on the hull now. No doubt I shall be back asking more questions as I start the next phase...... the rigging?!

Kind Regards

Ian May

Paul Woolley19/08/2008 09:04:00
2 forum posts

Hi guys

I have just started assembling the masts for the Del Prado Victory.  Can anyone explain how deep into the body of the boat the masts need to be pushed as the instructions seem to miss this out!

Also, the diameter of the masts seems to be bigger than the rings/holes in the decking - are we expected to have to shave a little off to fit?

(To be honest, it seems that the whole rigging section is a little sparse on detail...)



mark hirst10/09/2008 22:54:00
2 forum posts

Hi Paul,

 When I placed the masts, they all sat through their holes  onto the base below, all of the mast holes have decks underneath them, so just 'chuck em in' .. (Dont shave the masts, enlarge the holes!!)

If you measured the lengths of the masts according to the instructions then they should all sit at the correct height, then i glued the rings at the base of each mast without putting loads of glue at the end of each mast. The other tricky bit was glueing the differing sections of each mast.

 So far, if you managed the hull.., the fiddliest bit is the rigging but once you get the hang of it, its cool when its all up and done.

Hope all goes well,



philip ward13/02/2012 15:22:19
3 forum posts
I have a box of del prado victory packets with 14,70 and 71 missing. Can not locate a replacement for the missing packets so am prepared to split the whole lot if there is any demand for some of it.
Aldo Franks05/03/2012 11:49:21
2 forum posts

If you're still looking to get rid of your issues, I'd be intersed in #1 to 30 as long as they are complete. PM me with a price



Edited By Aldo Franks on 05/03/2012 11:49:54

philip ward15/03/2012 20:00:35
3 forum posts

This will still leave you without packet 14 which is still an incomplete set!

Does anyone know what that part is to so that we can determine how difficult it will be to carve out from a piece of balsa wood?.

Aldo- you do not have a public address so if you want to negotiate a price you will need to contact me on my hotmail address-philipfrankward

Aldo Franks19/03/2012 12:46:59
2 forum posts

Thanks for that, check your in box as have just replied to your message


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