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Trent Class Lifeboat

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Gary Radford19/07/2007 18:09:00
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Hi Paul.
How is the Titanic going? Are there going to be any pictures of the build, I have just read your profile and it seems that when it comes to showing or displaying our little masterpieces, we don't. I too have a shed full of completed kits albeit mine are armoured fighting vehicles, I wonder how many other modlers out there do the same thing. Come on you lot lets have your comments.

Gary Radford20/07/2007 11:33:00
44 forum posts
Hi Paul.
Ya its me again. When you built the Trent, how did you get on with the interior painting?
Did you paint it all, add the glazing, fix the roof and then mask off the windows before painting the outside?
I am toying with the idear of making the roof removable, but I think I may be making a rod for my own back on this one. Also when you built yours were you supplied with thr white metal frams, or did you have to cut out all the individual parts?

Paul T20/07/2007 12:48:00
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Hi Gary
I also thought of making the trent with a removable roof as I had seen one done like this at a show, however it makes the cabin weaker (on an already very fragile model) so I decided against it.
I did fully fit and detail the interior to the daft point of putting LEDs in the computer/radar monitor as its quite nice to look through the windows and see the complete detail.
I had to tidy up the parts that were supplied before painting and fitting.

The Titanic is something that I have wanted to do since I was a boy, I might post some photos if the model comes up to scratch (if you will pardon the pun)

All the best

Mark Leigh05/08/2008 21:05:00
34 forum posts
17 photos

    Hi lads

    I'm also building a Model Slipway Trent but am struggling with the sides of the superstructure. Seems to me that this model is built on knife edge joints and fragile is not the word. I too have decided to try the removable roof.

The problem that i am faced with is the sides with nothing to shape them apart from the rear bulkhead and forward window structure. I have tried inserting stiffner frames between the sides and the interior pan asssembly. This does improve matters below the  side windows.  I've then added a false roof structure above the windows but there is still a slight dishing effect at the window area. Added to this problem is the bottom of the sides don't marry up to the deck not by a long way. It's ok the"manual" saying remove only the minimal ammount but if i do this my concern is then the tops of each side will not be level. Thus giving the appearance that model is on the piss. Which in truth is where i feel like going every time i pick this model up!! Has anyone had the same problems and if so how did you overcome them your help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks 

Paul T06/08/2008 12:33:00
6366 forum posts
1047 photos
2 articles

Hello Mark

Knowing that the Trent was going to be a difficult build I opted to build the cabin in one piece without the removable roof this added a lot of strength to the structure.

The joints are "knife edge" and the only way around this is to get it right first time.

Don't mention how fragile the model is to build just you wait until you first sail it, I can only compare it to sailing a model made from tissue and just as delicate, I have lost count of how many times I have had to make running repairs at the lakeside as bits drop off.

When building the model I first made 260gsm card templates and constructed the entire cabin out of card as a one off template so that I could get all of the cuts just right.

Hope that this is of some help.

If you are local to Warrington my Trent will be on the Lifeboat stand at the Birchwood show and I would be happy to talk you through the finer bits of the build.


Mark Leigh31/08/2008 12:41:00
34 forum posts
17 photos

Hi Paul for some unknown reason i've only just got confirmation of your reply. Unfortunately Birchwood has passed me by mores the pity.

I thought i'd got round the problem but was left with one side notsitting on the deck the entire length of the side. To overcome this i decided to cut a 0.5mm thick side out and clad the original. Having glued this to the original i thought my prayers had been answered; the side was sitting on the deck with no dishing effect on the sides.

Perfect, time for a cuppa. One hour later when i returned to the model i found that it looked like the surface of the moon. The glue (plastic weld) had melted the side. This is after i'd removed the 0.5mm cladding. OUCH!!!


Now i'm at square one again. This time i'm building a wooden framework to hold the sides at the correct slant. It occured to me that if the interior was attached to the sides via the retangular piece of plastic supplied with the kit. This is trying to hold the sides at 90 degrees which as you know there not. Hopefully this time it will work out ok. Thanks for the offer of help Nark
Paul T03/09/2008 19:16:00
6366 forum posts
1047 photos
2 articles

Oh Dear

I hate to say it but we have all been there (my wardrobe is full of t shirts & videos)

"Nil Desperandum" as they say


eric collins16/06/2010 21:51:25
31 forum posts
24 photos
iv all ways wanted a trent lifeboat ..their 2 or more companys that sell them as kits which one is the best to buy......
Paul T09/07/2010 07:31:05
6366 forum posts
1047 photos
2 articles
Hi Eric
If you are an experienced model builder then you can't go wrong with a model slipway kit but beware as it is a long and difficult build.
neil howard-pritchard09/07/2010 09:02:33
1059 forum posts
108 photos
I'm picking up a 1:12 speedline kit tomorrow morning....will tell you in a few months, lol

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