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Member postings for Bob Abell

Here is a list of all the postings Bob Abell has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Spanish Fishing Boat Designed by JP
13/03/2018 09:49:19

Hello Ray

Nothing planned at the moment

But hoping to start something that attracts my attention


13/03/2018 07:52:23

A very interesting scratch build, Ray

All the best.......Bob

Thread: "Ground Control to Cap'n Bob"
25/02/2018 19:29:24

Thanks Paul and Colin

We`ll just have to see how things pan out in the warmer weather

I do feel a bit strange just loafin` about!


PS....Paul`s post seems to have done a runner?

25/02/2018 06:19:45

Many thanks, Cookie

Hope to see you Haydock Show in August plus a few more old friends

Will certainly see Larry, I think he lives there?

All the best chaps


24/02/2018 11:47:18

Thank you, Ashley

Very witty


23/02/2018 14:09:51

Capt Bob to Ground Control........Assuming you are referring to this Bob Abell?

Thanking you for your concern, Dave

I`ve had a series of illnesses recently and have been taking things easy

I`m feeling a lot better now

Was looking forward to meeting Paul Thomason and old friends at the Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show next month, but as we all now know, the show has been cancelled

Hoping to sail the VGC shortly, when the weather improves and will be posting a few pictures

All the best to you and old friends on the Forum


Thread: British Brig 1863
18/01/2018 07:52:15

Thanks for the Cross Section layout, Bob...........Date?

Very interesting and nostalgic too

I notice that there is no main keel as a starting point, which comes as a surprise?


18/01/2018 06:21:55


Any chance of showing a typical cross section, please?

Was a catamaran format ever tried?

Sorry.......Probably a daft question?


18/01/2018 06:16:27


Any comments on the size of the rudder?

They look very small, compared to a model's rudder

I do realise that they are normally that small


Thread: Small Topsail schooner
17/01/2018 15:18:12

Very nice, Bob

The sea looks very realistic

Are there any problems painting Plasticine, being a bit oily?


Thread: Drlling holes for metal fittings.
17/01/2018 07:42:05

I would use my trusty Bradawl......

The sharp point is a good method of zeroing in on the right spot


Thread: Sailing Ship Rigs
17/01/2018 07:32:45

I agree whole heartedly with you on those strange US ship names, Bob

But ships and boats is quite a stumbling block for many people in the UK

eg.........Mailboat............Mailship don't sound right?

Looking at those long slender six masted ships........How many broke their backs in a storm?


16/01/2018 21:11:13


Referring to my Yacht and Galleon sails question

I was referring to........Why have a 4 mast schooner against a 4 mast full rigged ship?

The prevailing wind direction must have been a deciding factor?


Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
16/01/2018 19:26:11

Many thanks Paul, for the kind mention

As a matter of fact, it was you yourself and a couple of others who talked me into the first blow by blow write up of the Great Eastern build, way back in 2007. Sadly the thread has long gone, but the photo's still remain

Over to you, Graham


Thread: Sailing Ship Rigs
16/01/2018 19:11:42

Very impressive, Bob

I'm amazed at the extensive variation of sail and rig combinations that were available at one time!

Can't imagine how you have gathered the necessary information?

Are all these ships drawn to the same scale, I wonder?

I could think of dozens of " Why " questions, as the combinations are so different from ship to ship

But I'll control myself

One question.......Why choose Yacht type sails rather than Galleon type sails?........Could the choice be based on wind direction on certain sea routes?

No need to knock yourself out, Bob


Thread: Small Topsail schooner
15/01/2018 14:38:13

So Robert / Colin.......Working back the other way......

In the real world, what strength of wind would overturn the full size ship, with full sails?

I would guess.......100 mph?

Food for thought?


15/01/2018 10:28:38

Very nice Bob

I still find it truly amazing, with all that sail top side............It doesn't roll over?


13/01/2018 14:08:53

Very nice Bob

What length of voyages would craft like this, safely undertake?


Thread: Bilge keel on Titanic
11/01/2018 18:08:36


This was my method of stabilising my 7`- 0" Great Eastern model

I used a length of 10mm screwed rod, bolted under the keel with lead weights to suit

The idea behind this was that the weights could be fitted and slid anywhere along the bar to adjust the sit on the water

It worked very well too and can`t be seen, once in the water


ge keel.jpg

Thread: Small Topsail schooner
09/01/2018 06:35:55

Looking very nice Robert

Black masts and spars with gossamer white sails, seems to be your trade mark?

Also the natural bow in the rigging is a nice touch

Don't be discouraged by the lack of comments, Bob, lt seems to be the trend these days


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