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Thread: Fairey Huntress 23
19/03/2018 19:09:11


I remember .........and you made a lovely job of it.

image 11.jpg

19/03/2018 16:20:31


It might be helpful for Chris if you could show a progress photo of the area in question?


"Thinking in 3D" I wish that I had thought of that excuse when designing the Ellie range as it would have saved loads of drawing time.



Edited By Paul T on 19/03/2018 16:21:28

Thread: Land Yacht
09/03/2018 19:01:59

Hi Ray

In my youth I sailed dinghies and didn't mind the occasional dip and thinking about it I would much prefer getting damp than hitting the hard sand at 40mph.

These are the details for the rear axle supporting saddle bracket.

saddle bracket.jpg

Its a simple saddle bracket and could be made from any mailable metal or even an adapted plastic plumbing bracket, I specified the overall length at 70mm to minimise twist but this could be reduced to suit any available material.


09/03/2018 14:19:53

Thank you Gareth I will post more details as I produce them.

08/03/2018 18:01:04

I chose the skate wheels because of their ability to grip on hard surfaces and the 6200zz bearings in each hub (these bearings are deep grove ball bearing and benefit from metal shields protecting the moving parts)

TOOGOO(R) Skating Shoes 608ZZ Bearing Inline Skate Wheel Clear Gray

The plastic waste body is strong, light and easy to work with. I angled the front steering wheel for better performance and tighter steering at speed.

06/03/2018 19:45:53


Dear All

A chat about land yachts with my old friend Micheal has had me thinking about the problems associated with building a model version.

This is a quick drawing of a land yacht based on a length of plastic waste pipe and skate wheels.

land yacht 2.jpg

Nice and cheap to build and should be fun to 'sail'


Edited By Paul T on 06/03/2018 19:57:00

Thread: Plan Mistake
03/03/2018 18:59:46

Hello Peter

'Designers never make mistakes' is commonly used expression on this site especially quoted by my friend and mentor Dxxxxxxxxxn

Image result for earthquake building on it side

For example when constructing this structure the builders folded the plans by 90deg (nothing wrong with the design)

But to answer your question could you post a photo of the plan so that the deep thinkers can contemplate.


Thread: Queen Mary
03/03/2018 18:44:49

To brighten up this thread there is another documentary about the Queen Mary on Channel 5 tonight at 8pm it is entitled 'Cruising with the Royals'


Thread: Lidl - Digital Caliper
03/03/2018 17:04:55

Hardened Stainless Steel 6in digital caliper £8.50 from ebay (uk site)

Thread: Aziz tug water inlet
02/03/2018 15:00:04


01/03/2018 15:19:37

Hello Stefan

As the pump is self priming I would fit the inlet on the bottom of the hull using a fitting like the one shown below. Use a thin outer nut to make the inlet as flush as possible.

Related image

Hope this helps.


Thread: Pond Yacht in need of TLC
01/03/2018 15:05:27

Hello Michael

Good to hear that you are on the mend after the stent.

We shouldn't take over Tony's thread but depending upon the overall size and weight of your model I would think that a standard sail servo would control your sail and a micro servo should serve well for steering.

For a more robust frame I would opt for aluminium tube and providing that you don't want brakes the model could be controlled via a 2 channel system.


Thread: Maplin
28/02/2018 13:12:04

It is the fate of the high street to become an endless line of high priced coffee shops, restaurants and fast food outlets, out of town shopping and the internet have already rung the death knell for the small, independent businesses and now the national retailers are going the same way.

Thread: Pond Yacht in need of TLC
26/02/2018 17:59:31


No problem, glad to help.

Good luck


Thread: Queen Mary
26/02/2018 16:40:38


Don't despair as you have made a very valid point about smaller liners being more popular than their larger sisters, speaking for myself (and if I had to go on a cruise) then I would prefer one of the smaller ships such as the Black Watch and wander around the Arctic.


Thread: Pond Yacht in need of TLC
26/02/2018 15:22:12

Hello Tony

Welcome to our little corner of the world.

Your brother in laws model is called a Gaff Rigged Cutter and very similar to this example.

Image result for vintage gaff cutter pond yachts

This is a typical rig layout for a full size Gaff Cutter so it might help you out and this is the LINK to the website

Image result for model gaff cutter rigging

Hope this helps sort out your problem but please let us know how you get on.

All the best


Thread: "Ground Control to Cap'n Bob"
26/02/2018 14:54:40


Not big this time as I am thinking of a spiffy little machine about 2ft long and using super light composite materials but it depends upon how we both feel when summer finally arrives.

But we can't have Bob 'loafin' about and getting under Joyce's feet.....can you just imagine of the threat to humanity if Captain Bob gets bored.


Which post has done a runner?



Edited By Paul T on 26/02/2018 14:56:36

25/02/2018 18:48:12

Captain Bob

I miss the banter and your straight forward approach to building my designs, maybe when summer comes and if we are feeling brave (and fit enough) we might have a bash at something small and simple.....and unusual.



Edited By Paul T on 25/02/2018 18:49:08

Thread: New Build
21/02/2018 16:15:52


To put the cat in with the pigeons I have to agree with your choice of building materials, before people start bashing their keyboards this is not to deride Glynns design choice nor to argue with Dave......I just don't like balsa and prefer the predictability of plywood.

I'm not sure that building out of ply instead of balsa will do much to lower your models center of gravity but ply will certainly add strength and reduce the amount of damage should an accident occur.

Looking forward to seeing your build in the water.


Thread: Ellesmere Port show 2018
20/02/2018 18:29:32

This is really disappointing is there any information about why it has been cancelled?

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