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Thread: Red October Submarine-Plan 2018 Model Boat Special
18/03/2018 10:08:27


Don't give too much away or nobody will read the article!


Thread: From the Dining Table
14/03/2018 15:47:57

Dave's suggestion using the P68a ESCs with a P82 is a very good one. I have two small models fitted with this setup and the mixer gives excellent handling capability. I didn't use a LiPo battery though, just a 4 cell NiMh pack which powers everything. I used AA sizecells weighing around 118g for 2500ma capacity but a smaller lower capacity pack would weigh even less.

Obviously a LiPo would weigh even less again but at 3.7v it ismaybe a bit marginal to power the RX perhaps?


14/03/2018 09:58:26

Running motors in series brings its own problems as if they are not perfectly matched one will tend to gobble up more than half the power and they will run at different speeds.


Thread: Maplin
10/03/2018 09:48:40

Thanks Trevor, I will have a look next time I'm in Kingston. There was no notice about relocation in the window of the old closed store but I see their website has now been updated.

As they are now in administration it may close anyway!


Edited By Colin Bishop on 10/03/2018 10:25:43

Thread: Qe2 update
10/03/2018 09:45:31

Thanks for sharing Anthony, looking really good now.

It appears that there is something going on with the original ship at last:




Interesting timing as when Cunard sold the ship they placed legal restrictions on what could be done with her for ten years and that period expires this year.

Note that all her lifeboats and davits etc. have been removed.


Thread: Fairey Huntress 23
07/03/2018 18:55:06

Interpreting drawings can be a bit of a lost art these days but, as with all things, practice makes perfect! There is only one way to learn really and that is to do it.

Generally speaking, drawings produced by well established experts such as Dave are more likely to be accurate than not although errors can sometimes creep in. So if something doesn't seem to fit then that is the time to sit back and have a little think to see if you can identify where the discrepancy is occurring. Curved structures on the plan view are a frequent cause of people being caught out as there is a tendency to look at the plan and elevation separately and not mentally combine them in a 3D view!

Schools used to teach this sort of thing once when technical drawing was still on the curriculum. I was never much good at it myself but I did absorb the basic principles.

I think we have all been here at some stage.


Thread: Queen Mary
03/03/2018 22:26:10

That's why they called it the Atlantic Ferry Bob. And basically that is what it was prior to the coming of air travel.


Thread: Maplin
28/02/2018 22:03:04

Thanks for that Trevor, I didn't know about the scheme. I used to live in the area and remember Eden Walk being developed originally. I spent much of my career working in Kingston until I retired 11 years ago and now only visit it once a month or so to meet up with some ex colleagues.

I live in Cranleigh, south east of Guildford, we moved here 40 years ago when I was working in Kingston as it was the nearest place we could afford to buy a house. A 48 mile daily commute except for 5 years when I worked in Reigate!


28/02/2018 11:37:42

It has been announced that they have indeed gone into administration. There was a large branch in Kingston which was open just before Christmas but which had been closed and totally cleared out when I was there on Monday.

As Dave says, they lost their way being neither one thing or another. I did use to like their electronics catalogue - great bedtime reading - but of course these days we all use Component Shop. Is there a lesson in there somewhere?


Thread: Queen Mary
26/02/2018 18:59:53

Some people are like that Bob They regard the internet as a free resource to be plundered. Fortunately they are in a minority on the model boating side.


26/02/2018 17:52:13

Bob, I think it is just that you have first hand experience of the things you talk about that most of us are unable to match and so have little to offer. Also, your favoured building scale and subject matter is very much a niche interest and so whilst your work is admired, those people who are more 'mainstream' modellers prefer different subjects, usually working ones.

Don't be discouraged though!


Thread: "Ground Control to Cap'n Bob"
25/02/2018 19:19:53

Just BIG I expect!

Glad to hear you are still ticking over Bob. Keep up the good work.


Thread: Rudder
22/02/2018 17:54:22

I think it depends upon what kind of rudder and what kind of shaft and what happened to part them....

Some more details would be useful.


Thread: Stern mounted pintle rudder
22/02/2018 09:46:20

I would suggest a loop of springy piano wire which locates into push fit sockets either side of the rudder just UNDER the waterline. The silvery grey wire will be barely noticeable and protect the rudder at walreline level which should cope with most situations. Just pull it out again when not sailing.


Thread: Ellesmere Port show 2018
20/02/2018 19:50:15

I think you can read between the lines on the Mayhem thread Paul.


19/02/2018 17:10:17

No it isn't on. Looks like the new management at the museum have managed to get their unmentionables in a spiral. See this thread on Mayhem.



Thread: Help required for building Billings Bluenose II "600"
18/02/2018 11:08:34

Just for the record, Aliphatic Resin Glue is not the same as white wood glue which is PVA and generally thicker. Aliphatic has a yellowish colour and is thinner.

If you can get the Aliphatic then you can glue the two lines together but you will also glue your fingers to them! If you can use superglue then that would be a better option as it will dry almost instantly. It will also help if you use a 'tail' which extends above the glued joint that you can snip off after it has dried.

Best to practice off the model first I think!


Thread: Decals
14/02/2018 09:53:39

I agree with Mattias, do some reading up first to get a better understanding of what you are doing. A word of warning: I don't know how old your kit is but when I came to apply the decals on my Revell Queen Mary 2 kit which I bought some years ago I found that when I soaked them in water the decal itself disintegrated.

I thought that was it but I found a suggestion online to apply transparent varnish to the top of the decal and allow to dry before soaking it. This worked very well and I managed to use nearly all the most important decals.

Fortunately I had used an unimportant decal to start with when I discovered the problem.


Thread: Model Figures for Aeronaut Classic
13/02/2018 15:07:34

It's an open top speedboat Ron so no wheelhouse or door frame unfortunately......


Thread: Help required for building Billings Bluenose II "600"
13/02/2018 11:33:42

I have used Trimline on several models successfully, it does make things easier around the waterline. It will accommodate curves very well but don't try to stretch it too much.


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