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Model Boats March 2016


A look at the Cover and Contents of the March 2016 issue of Model Boats on sale 12th February.

Taming a Pirana

BUILD FEATURES: Taming a Pirana

Stephen Day's model and its lengthy gestation

Making Models More Interesting

GENERAL: Making Models More Interesting

Anthony Addams shows some examples of how to enhance our enjoyment of the hobby

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Boathouse No 4

MEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Boathouse No 4

Colin Bishop visits the latest attraction and facility at Portsmouth Dockyard

Shrek on Skis!

BUILD FEATURES: Shrek on Skis!

Andy Cope's unusual water skier

Sapphire Steam Yacht

BUILD FEATURES: Sapphire Steam Yacht

Peter Charlton's latest model

National Model Boat Show 2015

SHOW & REGATTA REPORTS: National Model Boat Show 2015

Anthony Addams reports from Coalville, Leicestershire

Spurn LV14


Stephen Bowles' model

Trinity House Vessel Vigia

GENERAL: Trinity House Vessel Vigia

Graham Buckton describes his model

Nessie – A Monster Model!

BUILD FEATURES: Nessie – A Monster Model!

GARETH JONES builds something a bit different

Pusher Tug


Andrew Cope's scratch built Springer model

Steve Martin's Models

GENERAL: Steve Martin's Models

Canadian Warship models photographed by JOHN CALLIN

Tugs - 25 years on!

GENERAL: Tugs - 25 years on!

ROBIN BUCKLAND visits a new display

HMS Vindictive


DIRK BONNE'S 1:72 scale model

Gaff Rigged Cutter

BUILD FEATURES: Gaff Rigged Cutter

The quick-plank version! ANDREW COPE describes his model, built in a week!

Peter Charlton's models

BUILD FEATURES: Peter Charlton's models

Two of his recently completed craft

But I don't understand Electronics!

HINTS, TIPS & TECHNICAL: But I don't understand Electronics!

DAVE MILBOURN explains it all with a useful electric motor application table as well.

BMPRS News August 2014


Craig Dickson reports from the second race of 2014 at Nottingham

Finishing and sealing of wooden hulls

HINTS, TIPS & TECHNICAL: Finishing and sealing of wooden hulls

Dave Milbourn's advice using his Fairey Swordsman as an example.

A surviving LCP(L)...

GENERAL: A surviving LCP(L)... Normandy in 2010

Fred's Big Toephy!

SHOW & REGATTA REPORTS: Fred's Big Toephy!

...the Guildford MYC event from February 2014

Brighton Modelworld 2014...

SHOW & REGATTA REPORTS: Brighton Modelworld 2014...

...a report on the show from Colin Bishop

Plastic Magic - Mayflower...

BUILD FEATURES: Plastic Magic - Mayflower...

...converting the 1:150 scale Heller kit to radio control

Rhino Barge...

BUILD FEATURES: Rhino Barge... Australian Readers Model, from Greg Turek

Miniature Sailing Models

BUILD FEATURES: Miniature Sailing Models


Scale ModelWorld 2013

SHOW & REGATTA REPORTS: Scale ModelWorld 2013

DAVE WOOLEY visits this premier International Plastic Modellers Society (UK) event

Shemarah's Trolley

HINTS, TIPS & TECHNICAL: Shemarah's Trolley

GARETH JONES overcomes the problem of moving a very heavy model

Benchijigua Express

BUILD FEATURES: Benchijigua Express

DAVID HEAPS describes his model of this very high speed trimaran ferry

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Unknown Model Boat by Gavin Redshaw


Louis Heloise MAR 2431 by Brian Muir


Hull penetrations by Richard Dunn 3


Yachts by Tony Hadley

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